Now, we have an Instapundit and an Antipundit. Antipundit writes:. Even though I often disagree with his politics and his opinions, I am happy to say that I remain a devoted reader of Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds. And, one thing that [I like this site!] wonders why bar commissions seem to discriminate against small firm practitioners. The linked article suggests some reasons, but I, in my paranoid ravings, have another reason. Small firm lawyers will get sanctioned more readily than has posted support for what I have always known anecdotally: personal injury claimants do better with lawyers than without them: According to the article: [Allstate’s] campaign material was tailored to make an accident victim feel valued through efforts like

Karl Rove invented tort reform! Plus, it looks like the president’s senior advisor may have perjured himself: Rove’s claim of responsibility for the tort reform issue is somewhat at odds with a deposition he gave during the tobacco lawsuit. Asked

Here’s a very interesting email I got from the Tennessee Trial Lawyers: Santa Monica, CA – As Illinois physicians strike today over their malpractice rates, a secret e-mail from striking New Jersey doctors offers a rare glimpse at the cynical

Florida’s new Chief Financial Officer says in this piece that rapidly rising malpractice insurance premiums are largely because of insurers’ practice of undercharging for coverage in previous years: “In hindsight, rates probably should have gone up about 10 percent a