Brian King emails: The comic strip Rex Morgan M.D., which I never read [Ed.: here’s some background on the venerable strip], is launching onto a tort reform comment regarding med. mal. I don’t know if your paper carries it but

Gary O’Connor, who blogs at Statutory Construction Zone, emails with a link to Blackstone’s Commentaries on the subject of tort limitations [to read the original from the link click Edit, Find, enter 379 and enter; the full quote runs from

Is Tommy Lee at fault for the drowning of a little boy in his pool at Tommy’s son’s birthday party? A very interesting torts question. Each kid was supposed to have their own adult supervision. The decedent child was brought

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned a $145 million punitive damage verdict. Seems State Farm thought it was too much, and the Supremes agreed. Hre’s a news release from ATLA. Also, for those interested, here’s the ATLA amicus brief. Here’s

Following up the previous post, where’s Scott Speicher? The world wonders. Here’s a blurb, based on a FoxNews site, indicating Speicher may have been seen in the past minth, in Iraqi hands. A disturbing thought is that, when faced with

Poster child for the war: Jessica Lynch! She singlehandedly fought off her Iraqi captors, continuing to fire at them even after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. That’s guts. Now, as to the multiple fractures she sustained, does anyone else wonder whether