Weasel words from NASA hierarchy: Could anything have been done to save the astronauts, if not the shuttle, had the problem been identified earlier? If you look realistically at where [the shuttle] was it didn’t have many options going for

George W. really hates plaintiffs. Even when they are POWs and even when the defendant is Saddam’s Iraq, and even when the judgment by default has already become final. Says one of the affected former POWs: “”It’s a sorry situation

100 of our friends and family will die today in hospitals due to patient injuries from their care, and not from their diseases. And tomorrow, and the next day. But that’ll stop if we limit or bar lawsuits against those

From the subscription-only A.M. Best BestWire, on July 29: Three weeks ago, a handful of congressmen asked the General Accounting Office to find out why medical malpractice premiums were kyrocketing. Its conclusion? There’s not enough data to say for sure.

“Political Malpractice” — that’s what a Florida legislator recently called attempts to use unsupported findings of fact in consideration of a tort limitations bill: Summing it up, Rules Chairman Tom Lee said the Senate would have to rewrite the findings