Last week, I blogged about a pro-tort reform editorial/article from Newsweek. This week, Newsweek has allowed a response, from a woman who had a double mastectomy because the doctors accidentally switched her biopsy slides. Her conclusion: I also know that

I think I’ve finally smoked it: all this stuff from The Onion is…a joke! Well, except for the following: NASHVILLE, TN—After more than 40 years of absorbing vast quantities of hard alcohol, George Jones’ liver finally fled the famed country

I’ve been too critical of doctors; they really do have it rough: HOUSTON—Dr. Martin Kenneth Rinjipur, a neurosurgeon at Methodist Hospital, was heckled from the observation deck Monday after removing a cancerous tumor from a patient’s occipital lobe. “You call

You want info? I’ve got info! How ’bout the discovery of the largest known prime number? On the other hand, “a neat accomplishment, but it really doesn’t have any applicability,” says the guy who discovered the number. Maybe I should