In the Techno-Geek category, here’s a cautionary tale. CompUSA was selling a DVD-Recorder for what seemed to be a very good price — $199, after rebate. It was the Lite-On, model LVW-5001. I took a chance and bought one. I

I don’t know Bill Hobbs, but his comment on my earlier post about the Bredesen sellout of Tennessee’s workers is, shall we say, misguided. He is also insulting, by headlining the comment “A Lawyer’s Whine.” For the record, I’m not

Spam sucks. While I’m not in the league of some friends of mine [Read Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds], I’m getting 30-40 pure crap emails per day. It seems like I get one every 5 minutes or so. What a pain. Speaking