Some thoughts on the University of Tennessee football Vols: This year’s offense has seesawed between mediocre and pathetic. During Satruday’s debacle against Georgia, my seatmate and I figured that Tennessee has failed to score in 9 out of the 20

Michael Brown and Harriet Miers have caused the spotlight to shine on the Bush Administration’s remarkable track record of promoting unqualified Bush cronies to positions of power and responsibility. The New Republic lists top 15 of the Bush “Hackocracy.” Just

This Harriet Miers thing has me alternately guffawing at Republicans practicing political cannibalism, and depressed over what it appears to mean. Most of the establishment “Reagan” Republicans, have, without so much as a by your leave, roundly attacked and decried

A lawsuit by the widow of a policeman who was killed when bullets penetrated his bulletproof vest has led to a federal lawsuit and criminal investigation against that manufacturer. Turns out the allegedly defective vests were used by Secret Service,

W.R. Grace to asbestos victims: You’re not so sick: Most of the 870 people under a medical plan for Libby-area residents sickened by asbestos exposure have been sent letters saying they no longer have asbestos-related disease, or may not be