In my last post, an exhaustive [or exhausting?] look at the recording career of the rock group Chicago, I promised my own review of the group’s first album of original songs since 1991. Since then, several reviews have sprung up,

Pernicious: SUPPORTERS and detractors call it the “silent tort reform” movement, and it has quietly and quickly been gaining ground. Across Washington, federal agencies that supervise everything from auto safety to medicine labeling have waged a powerful counterattack against active

Sandra Day O’Connor warns us of what we should already know: We are seeing the embryonic formation of american dictatorship; forewarned is forearmed: I, said O’Connor, am against judicial reforms driven by nakedly partisan reasoning. Pointing to the experiences of

Medical malpractice caps have little effect on rates, according to a Harvard Economist who studies the issue: [Harvard economist] Chandra particularly attacks the doctors’ argument that higher malpractice payments, which can result from having no cap, directly lead to higher