ATLA reports that, in a new book entitled “The Medical Malpractice Myth,”Tom Baker, Connecticut Mutual Professor of Law and director of the Insurance Center at the University of Connecticut, uses empirical evidence to dismantle the myths that permeate the national

Instapundit has posted to Tim Blair’s disparagement of Howard Stern. Contrary to Tim Blair’s bald assertion, Sirius Satellite Radio had about 600,000 subscribers when Howard announced his move. The tally stands now at 4,000,000. Howard’s take: It’s a big universe.

Well, Knoxville hits the big time. All these stories on immigration demonstrations around the country have hit our fair city, too. An excerpt: Most of those in attendance wore red or white shirts with the words, in Spanish and English,

Michael Barone bemoans the alleged fact that 90% of the news media is of the Democratic persuasion. I say, so what? Consider: * Does being a Democrat mean one can’t report the news objectively?* If the Democrats had Big Media