Mel Gibson: drunk AND anti-semitic. AND, the L.A. Sheriff’s Department apparently tried to cover it up. That’s why we must have freedom of the press: to expose governmental misconduct, whether to protect the privileged, or otherwise. UPDATE: The L.A. Times

I got interested [courtesy of Instapundit] in Eugene Volokh’s criticism of Slate’s “Bushism” transcript quote, mainly because I deal all the time with stenographic transcripts. You know, depositions and such. So I called a friend who is a court reporter/stenographer,

Tom Hayden tries to sound like a statesman, but ends up looking like a dupe: But the roots of this virulent spiral of vengeance lie in the permanent occupation of Palestinian territories by the overconfident Israelis. As it did in

As a small firm lawyer/administrator, I’m always interested in new and different ways to market. The continuing question for years has been whether Internet usage has reached such a critical mass as to make it a potent marketing tool, i.e.,

Some responses to the news that Bill Clinton will campaign for Joe Lieberman: Remember that Clinton is part of the DLC movement, which believes that the country has moved right and that a centrist Democratic thrust is necessary to achieve

This Comments thing is interesting, for a change if nothing else. One commenter believes that a blog is not a blog without Comments enabled. Instapundit doesn’t have comments, so I’m not sure I agree. We’ll see how this [not so]