Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing.  Former Bushie Shannen Coffin and Powerline’s John Hindraker are still out to get Bill Clinton and anyone associated with him.  Including the current Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan.  The issue: did Kagan, while working for

Are you breaking the law when you record encounters with police officers?  Apparently, you are in Maryland.  In Tennessee, however, I would argue that Tennessee Code Annotated sec. 39-13-601(b)(5) applies: It is lawful under §§ 39-13-601 — 39-13-603 and title

Nurse practitioners operating independently of actual M.D.s?  Well, it is likely that such nurse practitioners and physician assistants are in effect doing that now, even though operating in the context of a medical practice.  My worry certainly is the oversight