I just ran across this article on the history of the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg. Interesting fact: Moore County, where the whiskey is distilled, is a dry county. They can make it there, but you can’t drink it there.

Molly’s Plant Food confiscated by law enforcement: apparently, this stuff is considered as a synthetic substitute for ecstasy. But it’s not been banned by statute, so if you wonder how the state can simply take this stuff off the shelves,

Aha! Wait; did he really say that? Governor Bill Haslam admits his rights restriction legislation is unnecessary: “Tennessee has not had a problem with excessive awards in civil cases,” he told the Tennessean newspaper in Nashville recently. But he’s got

The Tennessee Consumer Protection Act is one of the relatively few consumer-friendly laws in this state. It must be for that reason that the Haslam Administration is looking to gut that law, too. It’s premium content, so here’s the full

Tort Reform — A Solution Without A Problem. Why is the Legislature even considering this, when “medical malpractice lawsuit filings have decreased 44 percent since 2008, accounting for only three percent of all civil suits”? UPDATE: Former Senator Fred Thompson,