Browns Ferry Nuclear Reactor Worst In Nation: “Despite the need for improvements, he said, safety was never compromised in a way that would threaten employees or nearby communities.” Bet they said that in Japan, too. Guys, let’s fix these problems,

Is Tennessee’s new “Special Access to Discriminate” law unconstitutional? While I’d like to think so, there are arguments both ways. UPDATE: Sure enough, it looks like there will be a legal challenge to this odious new law.

Knoxville News-Sentinel: “Haslam touted tort reform as a jobs initiative, arguing that companies were reluctant to come to the Volunteer State because they might have to pay damages if found at fault in civil litigation. There was scant evidence that

Tort “reform:” Legislation by anecdote — “What I think you are hearing today, is, we’re legislating by anecdote. ‘I once knew of somebody who was sued for this amount, for this reason.’ Legislating by anecdote. That’s not a good way