Last night, I watched the HBO documentary “Hot Coffee.” The movie also has a Facebook page. For the first time in I don’t know how long, the truth is told about our civil justice system. Lawyer turned filmmaker Susan Saladoff

Here’s a lawyer that gets my respect: Cobbins’ defense attorney, Kim Parton, refused Thursday to raise that issue [Judge Richard Baumgartner possibly being under the influence of pills] as grounds for an automatic motion for new trial filed in Cobbins’

TDOT says Britton Bridge can resume projects; future contract eligibility in the air. Here’s my problem with this wishy-washy approach. If Britton Bridge is excluded from bidding on future jobs, it would be presumably because they run an unsafe business.

Knoxville’s finest? “A former Knoxville Police Department officer accused of plying teenage girls with booze in racy encounters inside his home and downloading pornographic videos featuring teenage girls has struck a tentative deal to confess.”

Sexual misbehavior or bullying? Middle schoolers hold student down, attempt to insert felt tip pen in victim’s rectum. Who cares which way to characterize it? This is just wrong. UPDATE: Apparently the jury saw it my way: Families awarded $100K