A “Smart ALEC” in Tennessee: If you thought all the pro-business laws recently passed in Tennessee were home-grown, think again. This corporate-supported outfit supplies pre-packaged legislation to legislatures all over the country, including Tennessee: ALEC bills, which largely benefit the

News of the World “journalist” hacks murdered girl’s cell phone, deletes messages. I love the non-denial denial of the organization’s chief: “Rebekah Brooks, who was editor of the paper at the time of the alleged hacking and is now chief

Well, it looks like the rape case against French bigshot Dominique Strauss-Kahn is dead on arrival. Now, the prosecution is in trouble not because evidence has surfaced that he did not commit a sexual assault. It’s in jeopardy because the

As a Knoxville lawyer, one of the types of cases I handle is nursing home negligence. Here is unfortunate news from Maryville: “The Tennessee Department of Health said Thursday that it has suspended new admissions to a Maryville nursing home