Allstate’s new tactic: Intimidating doctors that support plaintiffs’ injuries. More fun and games from our favorite “anti-citizen” company! What’s really happening? This: “What Allstate is attempting to do here is to intimidate those doctors who have the audacity to actually

The next time you are tempted to pet the sting rays up at Ripley’s Aquarium or elsewhere, consider the risks: “The parents of a child who developed a bacterial infection after petting stingrays at the Tennessee Aquarium has filed a

Alan Gross, a subcontractor for the Agency for International Development, has been imprisoned in Cuba for almost two years. He has been convicted by the Cubans and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. His crime: making the Internet available to

Wow. Here is the king of conflict of interest situations: English insurance companies sell deatils about car wreck victims, to the lawyers who will make claims against those very same insurers! The insurers apparently make over £3 billion a year

And Pigs Get Slaughtered: Allstate loses injury trial gamble: Now this is interesting. With $23,000 in medical bills, the arbitration panel awards a sum total of $25,000. So much for the fairness of arbitration, huh? Allstate, who apparently wanted to

Jockey Calvin Borel jailed for DUI. Well, sort of: ” Borel was pulled over by Indiana State Police for making an unsafe lane movement. Hissam said Borel’s blood-alcohol content was “barely over” the legal limit of .08 percent.” Hmm. Unsafe