The American Legislative Exchange Council: a secretive, corporate-controlled lobby for conservative causes? “We think Tennessee legislators are being bought and paid for by an exclusive network of corporate lobbyists and special interest groups,” said Mary Mancini, executive director of Tennessee

Why Has the Social Security Disability Insurance Program Grown So Rapidly? Basically three reasons: (1) The aging of the workforce — More people are working longer, and older people are more likely to qualify for disability; (2) More women than

The dangers of personal watercraft: On July 4, fellow sophomore and [Duke football] teammate Jamison Crowder collided with Holliday’s vessel while the two were riding personal watercraft on Lake Tillery, about an hour east of Charlotte. Holliday sustained severe head

This guy really hit the bad luck (and stupidity) DUI trifecta: The 54-year-old New Mexico resident was booked last month on his seventh — yes, seventh — drunk-driving charge. This last one was a real doozy: He injured a local

The Lawyer As Ambulance Chaser: The real ambulance chasers are not trial lawyers in general, or personal injury lawyers, or even personal injury lawyers that happen to advertise; there’s nothing wrong, unethical, or improper about marketing legal services, about making